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Which Bible character better illustrates how God intercedes on behalf of those who love Him, than Joseph? In this four lesson series, children learn that Joseph wholeheartedly followed the Lord no matter the circumstances, and that in each case God worked it out for the good of Joseph.


Robes of Righteousness (Bulletin Board)

Lesson 1 - Joseph's Jealous Brothers

From the story of Joseph and his jealous brothers, this lesson shows how God works for the good of those who love Him. The children learn how God helped young Joseph during some very difficult times. Memory Work - Proverbs 28:25; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Genesis 37:3-28; 39:1-6. 

Application: Joseph had it made. He was his father's favorite and got some special attention, and then all of a sudden his life was turned upside down. Joseph could have given up and become bitter. Instead, he trusted and followed God's purpose. What others meant for evil, God used for good. God continued to help Joseph prosper throughout his life. Sometimes, things in our lives may change for the worse. Our family members may hurt our feelings or even harm us. If we continue to love, honor, and follow God no matter what, He will take care of us according to His purpose. 

Lesson 2 - Joseph Honors God

This lesson teaches that it is important to honor God at all times. Joseph knew that it would be a sin against God to give into the desires of Potiphar's wife. He chose to honor God at any cost. He was not concerned that doing so may get him into a lot of trouble. Memory Work - Matthew 26:41; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Genesis 39:6b-23.

Application: It is always important to honor God by doing what is right. Each day of our lives, we will be tempted to do things that are not according to God's Will. Sometimes, we give into these temptations, turning them into a sin. Joseph Joseph was faced with a certain temptation not once but many times. However, he stood firm and did not give in. He did the right thing and honored God. Doing what is right might not end as well for us as we would like. Obeying your parents may mean that you will not be able to go out and play with your friends. Telling the truth may get you grounded. Nevertheless, it is always better for you in the long run to do what is right. God will be pleased with you when you put Him first and honor Him.   

Lesson 3 - Joseph Helps Pharaoh

This lesson is about the time Joseph helped Pharaoh by telling him what his dreams meant. Children learn that when they choose to follow God's Will, especially during times of difficulty or hardship, they build character, and the ability to serve the Lord even more. Memory Work - Romans 8:28; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Genesis 41:1-39.

Application: Every time Joseph found himself in a difficult spot, he continued to follow God. He followed God when his brothers sold him to merchants going to Egypt. He followed God in the presence of Potiphar's wife. Joseph also followed God while in prison for doing nothing wrong. Joseph had no knowledge that things would eventually go well for him. That was not important. Instead, following God's Will and honoring the Lord was all that really mattered. It is no wonder that God enabled Joseph to become the second in command over all of Egypt. Joseph would play a big part in God's plans. When we choose to follow Jesus, even when faced with difficulties or hardships, we build character. Our Lord is then able to use us to serve Him according to His Will. 

Lesson 4 - Joseph Forgives

Through the story of Joseph, and how he forgave his brothers for the way they treated him when he was young, the children learn the power of forgiveness. They also learn how Jesus forgives us and that it is important to forgive others. Memory Work - Matthew 6:14; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Genesis 45:1-28.

Application: Joseph followed God's heart from a very young age. Although he found himself in some very difficult situations, he never stopped honoring and obeying God. As a result, God gave Joseph great power and responsibility. The people respected Joseph for his integrity. Like Joseph, we cannot always recognize God's purpose when we go through hardships and trials. However, it is a good idea to follow Joseph’s example. We can stand firm during these times, knowing that in Christ, we have a purpose. Jesus not only suffered some of the same things we do, He even gave up his life on the cross. He died so we could be forgiven and saved from the worst famine of all, eternal death. When we forgive, our heavenly Father forgives us. 

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