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In this three part-lesson series, the kids will become familiar with this beautiful Psalm, and will also discover how much God loves them.


Our Good Shepherd (Bulletin Board)
Psalm 23 (Award Certificate)
Psalm 23 (Mini Wall Poster)

Lesson 1 - God Loves Me

In this lesson, the kids will learn how God always knows what we need, and will always be there to provide for us. Memory Work - Psalm 23; Alternate Memory Work - John 10:14; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Psalm 23:1-3. 

Application: David's God and our Lord Jesus Christ are the same Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd took care of David just as he is taking care of us now. Jesus is our quiet living water that restores our soul and the Good Shepherd who gives us everything we need, so we shall not be in want. Blessing will always be plentiful when we follow the Lord Jesus down paths of righteousness. 

Lesson 2 - God is With Me

In the second lesson covering Psalm 23, the kids will learn that we can feel safe and protected because we have a Good Shepherd to watch over us, to make sure we do not stray and to show us the way. Memory Work - Psalm 23:4; Alternate Memory Work - Isaiah 41:10a; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Psalm 23:4, John 10:1-18.

Application: Jesus is our Lord and Shepherd. He laid down his life to save us from the valley of the shadow of death. If we follow Him, we are counted as one of His sheep. The fear of sin cannot overcome us, because Jesus already laid down His own life for our sins. When we enter through the gate of Jesus, and follow in His paths, we can be sure that He will protect us from the evil one. Even when we stray, He will take His staff to grab us and bring us back to him. Now that is a great comfort! 

Lesson 3 - God Will Bless Me

In the third lesson covering Psalm 23, the kids will learn that God's love will follow them all of the days of their lives and that only through Jesus will they be both contented and blessed. Memory Work - Psalm 23:5-6; Alternate Memory Work - John 14:2; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Psalm 23:5-6.

Application: David saw God as a true friend and savior in the presence of many enemies. God treated him specially by preparing a banquet for him and by pouring precious oil on his head as if he were an honored guest. David saw his cup overflowing with the blessings of the Good Shepherd. Seeking only the things of this world can leave us with an empty feeling. We anxiously grab whatever looks nice, or what will make us feel good, or taste good, but we only want more and more. In the long run we still feel empty and never really satisfied. The things of this world leave us unfulfilled. However, we can be filled with the Love of God and by accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. When we let Him be our Good Shepherd, He will fill us with many blessings until our cup overflows, forever and ever. 

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