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Seven memorable Bible lessons that instruct children on the importance of being obedient to God, which demonstrate how quickly our lives become derailed when we take our focus off of God and onto ourselves.


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Lesson 1 - Worship Only God (The Goden Calf)

After completing this lesson, the children will understand how much God wants them to worship Him, and Him alone.Memory Work - Psalm 95:6-7a; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Exodus 32:1-10, 19-24, 30-35. 

Application: Although the nation of Israel witnessed many miraculous signs and wonders from God, they still changed their loyalty to serve and worship other gods. This displeased God so much He couldn't withhold His wrath. So, He sent a plague, a sickness to punish everyone who participated in this sin. God loves us so much, but He also wants us to love Him. He wants us to worship Him alone. God is the one who gives us everything. He even gave us His only son to die on the cross so we may have eternal life. To give our praise and adoration to anyone or anything else is wrong. It is only fitting that the first commandment is, "You shall have no other gods before me."

Lesson 2 - Take God at His Word (Jonah)

After completing this lesson, the children will understand why it is important to take God at His Word and do what He says, instead of coming up with excuses. Memory Work - Luke 11:28; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Jonah 1:1-17

Application: What if every time you came up with a bad excuse to get out of doing something, a giant fish swallowed you? Bet you would never go near a large body of water. Fortunately for us, that probably won't happen if we disobey God, but God still doesn't want us to be disobedient. There will be a negative consequence. We may feel badly later on, we may hurt someone else, we may even miss out on something really nice the Lord had for us all along, but we will never be able to enjoy it. When we realize it is God telling us to do something, we must do it.

Lesson 3 - Obey God Completely (King Saul)

After completing this lesson, the children will understand the importance of following God's commands completely, and by doing so receive many blessings and joy. Memory Work - James 1:22; Scripture Reading and Disucssion - 1 Samuel 15:1-9, 17-23.

Application: God gives us many instructions. Sometimes we call these instructions commands. Obeying these commands is the right thing to do, not only because we are pleasing God, but because they help us live good, clean lives that are full of blessings and joy.

Lesson 4 - Doing What is Right (Samson)

This lesson will help the children develop their self control to fight off the many temptations that keep them from being obedient to God and enjoying His many blessings. Memory Work - Proverbs 1:10; Scripture Reading and Disucssion - Judges 16:1-22.

Application: God gave Samson the great gift of strength. He didn't need to exercise or eat healthy foods, all he had to do was obey God. Even when he laid around the house he got stronger and stronger. But Samson took his strength for granted, and he became very weak in obedience. He gave in to every temptation, big or little. God wants to use all of us in mighty ways. When we are obedient to God, and do what is right, we too will be very strong. Not necessarily strong physically, but strong in faith. And that is important, because Jesus says that when we are strong in faith, we can move mountains.

Lesson 5 - Pride Gets in the Way (The Tower of Babel)

After completing this lesson, the children will understand how pride gets in the way of following God and the plan He has for our lives. Memory Work - Psalm 10:4; Scripture Reading and Disucssion - Genesis 11:1-10.

Application: God cares for us deeply and it is because of His great love for us that He gives us commandments to follow. Without rules the world would quickly fall into chaos. As chaos enters the world death and destruction follow. Many times man thinks that he can live without God and the restrictions that God places over His creation, but nothing could be farther from the truth. God created us and therefore knows what is best for each of us. When we try to live our lives without God we are sure to fail. 

Lesson 6 - Don't Reject God's Call (Balaam)

After completing this lesson, the children will understand how pride gets in the way of following God and the plan He has for our lives. Memory Work - Psalm 119:118; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Numbers 22:1-20, 21-41; 23:16-26; 31:16.

Application: B
alaam had the opportunity to be be used by God. While Balaam's outward actions seemed to imply an alliance with God, his heart demonstrated his desire to embrace the wages of wickedness. It is dangerous to know God's Will and then disobey it. There are people who will tempt us to disregard God and His plans for our lives. It is crucial for Christians to immerse themselves in God's Word and prayer to prevent evil outside influences from chipping away at the foundation of their faith.

Lesson 7 - Defeating the Enemy (Gideon)

In this lesson, the children will learn how God enabled an unlikely warrior named Gideon to defeat a large army with only 300 men. Although outnumbered, Gideon knew that with God, all things are possible. Memory Work - Proverbs 21:21; Scripture Reading and Disucssion - Judges 6:11-16, 36-40; 7:1-22.

Application: G
od's people brought trouble on themselves when they stopped honoring Him and turned to other gods. God had mercy on His people when they asked Him for help. The Lord sent an unlikely warrior named Gideon to rescue the Israelites from the hands of the Midianites. As we read this historical account, we see that God used what the world would consider a "nobody" to deliver His people from their enemy. Gideon didn't rely on his own strength for the victory, but rather trusted God by obeying the plan God had given him. When we trust God, nothing is impossible.

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