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A three week series covering Abraham, also known as the Father of Nations, and his many blessings.

Lesson 1 - God Calls Abram

In this lesson, the children will learn how God created an entire nation of people, starting with just the faith and obedience of one man who chose to follow Him. Memory Work - Psalm 119:34; Scripture Reading and Disucssion - Genesis 12:1-9. 

Application: Abram's willingness to leave everything that was familiar to him and follow the Lord clearly demonstrated that he was trusting in the Lord with all his heart. As Christians, God will call us as well, we must be willing to follow God wholeheartedly no matter where the journey may lead.

Lesson 2 - Abraham and Lot Separate

In this lesson, children will see that God blesses the righteous, and they will learn that our actions speak louder than words. As Christians we must choose to be gracious to others, not self-serving or greedy. Memory Work - Proverbs 20:7; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Genesis 13:1-18.

Application: We saw how Abram's actions revealed his desire to lead a life that would please God. God's promises were to Abram, but he shared his blessings with Lot. Instead of arguing, Abram found a solution. Abram was not greedy, he graciously let his nephew, Lot, choose the land to inhabit. Abram was thankful and honored God by building an Altar.

Lesson 3 - The Birth of Isaac

In this lesson, children see that the Lord keeps His promises to the faithful and that nothing is too hard for Him to accomplish. As we wait on His promises, we must remember that God works according to His timetable not ours. Memory Work - Luke 1:37; Scripture Reading and Discussion - Genesis 18:1-15, 21:1-17.

Application: Sometimes it is hard for us to understand God's timing or the ways in which His works are accomplished. During times such as these, it is reassuring to realize that just as the heavens are higher than the earth, God's ways are higher than our ways. Isaiah 55:9 It amazing to realize that as Christians we have become part of God's family.

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