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Jesus performed many miracles to help people know that He was the Son of God and to put their faith in Him. Lessons in this series cover some of the better-known miracles performed during Jesus' ministry. You can use these lessons by themselves as stand-alones, or together as a series.


Miracles of Jesus (Bulletin Board)

Lesson 1 - Jesus' First Miracle

In today's lesson, children learn about the first miracle performed by Jesus. They also learn that the reason Jesus performed miracles was to help people understand that He is the Son of God. Bible Verse - Psalm 77:14; Bible Story - John 2:1-11. 

Lesson 2 - The Unseen Miracle

Through an event that takes place in the New Testament, children will learn what it means to have faith in Jesus, and they will see how the Power of God works in the lives of those who believe in Him. Bible Verse - John 20:29; Bible Story - The Faith of the Centurion (Skit); Optional Bible Story - Matthew 8:5-13.

Lesson 3 - Jesus Calms the Storm

This lesson will teach the children that the Lord Jesus is always there to help, no matter where or when we need Him. Bible Verse - Psalm 56:3; Bible Story - Mark 4:35-41.

Lesson 4 - Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

This lesson will help the children understand that Jesus can provide whatever we need to satisfy our hunger, because He Himself is the bread of life. Bible Verse - John 6:48; Bible Story - John 6:5-13.

Lesson 5 - Jesus Walks on Water

This lesson will teach the children that with faith in Jesus, they can have the courage to do mighty things. Bible Verse - Matthew 14:27; Bible Story - Matthew 14:22-23.

Lesson 6 - Jesus Heals the Blind

This lesson will help the children understand that Jesus loves each of us very much and that He is wanting to work through all of our lives, no matter what our problems may be. Bible Verse - Matthew 22:37; Bible Story - John 9:1-12.

Lesson 7 - Jesus Heals Ten Lepers

This lesson will help the children know how to be thankful for all the blessings God gives. They will also learn how important it is to say the words "thank you" to others. Bible Verse - Psalm 136:1a, Bible Story - Where are the Other Nine?; Optional Bible Story - Luke 17:11-19.

Lesson 8 - Raising of Lazarus

This lesson shows the power Jesus has over life and death, which is miraculously illustrated when He raises Lazarus from the dead. Bible Verse - John 6:47; Bible Story - The Death of Lazarus; Optional Bible Story - John 11:1-44.

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