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A four lesson series about the life and times of the Apostle Paul. Children learn of the miraculous change in Paul's life and discover how courage, protection, and joy come from faithfully following Jesus.


Follow the Light (Bulletin Board)

Lesson 1 - Paul Becomes a Special Desciple

In this lesson, the children will learn about a very special disciple named Paul, who, in the beginning, treated Christians very badly. However, through a timely miracle, hearing the truth, and by faith, he became a strong servant of Jesus. Bible Verse - Philippians 4:4; Bible Story - Acts 9:1-22. 

Lesson 2 - The Great Escape

In this lesson, Paul begins to preach that Jesus is the son of God. However, his life is now in more danger than ever. Children learn that God can change a person’s life and He is there to protect and lead the way. Bible Verse - Luke 1:37; Bible Story - Paul's Brave Escape; Optional Bible Story - Acts 9:19-27.

Lesson 3 - Singing in Jail

In this lesson, Paul continues to tell others that Jesus is wonderful. However, some people don't like what he is doing and lock him and his friend Silas in jail. Children discover that even during hard times, they can still sing and have joy in their hearts because of Jesus. Bible Verse - Psalm 104:33; Bible Story - Joy and Singing in Jail; Optional Bible Story - Acts 16:16-34.

Lesson 4 - Shipwrecked

In this lesson, Paul is under arrest and must sail to Rome to stand trial before Caesar. The dangerous journey gives Paul another opportunity to put his faith in God. Children learn that God is trustworthy and He always cares about them. Bible Verse - 1 Peter 5:7; Bible Story - Dangerous Voyage; Optional Bible Story - Acts 27:13-44.

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