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Jesus spent much of His time teaching His disciples about the Kingdom of God and how to live godly lives. Lessons in this series cover some of these many teachings during Jesus' minsitry. You can use these lessons by themselves as stand-alones, or together as a series.


Lesson 1 - Who is the Greatest?

In this lesson, children learn that sometimes to be first is to be last. While other times, being last means being first. People who humble themselves and help serve others are considered first in God's eyes. Bible Verse - Mark 9:35b; Bible Story - Mark 9:33-37. 

Lesson 2 - Making Promises

This lesson will help children understand the value in keeping promises. They will also learn that to have a godly reputation, they must always tell the truth. Bible Verse - Matthew 5:37; Bilble Story - Matthew 5:33-37.

Lesson 3 - Love for Enemies

This lesson reveals God’s heart for all people. Children will see how and why we are to love everyone, even our enemies. Bible Verse - Luke 6:27; Bible Story - Luke 6:27-36.

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