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A three lesson series on the life of Joseph. These lessons show the children that it is important to trust and follow the Lord in all circumstances. We are special to Jesus, and He has an important plan for our lives.


Robes of Righteousness (Bulletin Board)

Lesson 1 - Joseph, Son of Jacob

In this lesson, the kids will learn how behavior affects their relationship with friends and family, especially if they live in a large family where jealousy may be present. Bible Verse - James 3:16; Bible Story - Joseph and His Colorful Robe taken from Genesis 37.

Lesson 2 - .Joseph in Egypt

In this lesson, children are introduced to the principal of trusting God in both good times and in bad times. Bible Verse - Proverbs 3:5a; Bible Story - Joseph, Second in Command; Optional Bible Story - Genesis 39-41.

Lesson 3 - Joseph Forgives His Brothers

In this lesson, children learn the importance of forgiving others. When we forgive others, we make more room in our hearts for the love of Jesus. Bible Verse - Matthew 6:12; Bible Story - Genesis 45:1-14.


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