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A four lesson series about the life of King Solomon, known for his great wisdom. Children learn that our Lord gives us many talents and blessings, but we must always use them in ways that honor God. 

Lesson 1 - Solomon Asks for Wisdom

 From this lesson, children learn that godly wisdom benefits others and is not self-serving. God gives His children true wisdom, when they seek it according to His Will. Bible Verse - Proverbs 3:13; Bible Story - 2 Chronicles 1:7-12.

Lesson 2 - A Temple For God

From this lesson, children learn that our talents should be used to worship and honor God. Whatever we do, we should do it with all of our strength to please our Lord. Bible Verse - Proverbs 16:16; Bible Story - 1 Kings 5-6.

Lesson 3 - Blessings From the Lord

From this lesson, children discover that wisdom and blessings come from the Lord. They will also learn to appreciate the many blessings they already have. Bible Verse - Proverbs 10:22; Bible Story - 1 Kings 10:1-10, 13, 23 (A visit by the Queen of Sheba).

Lesson 4 - What did Solomon Forget?

From this lesson, children learn that they need to keep their lives focused on God. If not, there is a risk of other things creeping in and becoming more important. Bible Verse - Exodus 20:3; Bible Story - 1 Kings 11:4-14.

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