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This five lesson series covers the life of David, as a young boy, a giant slayer, and the second King of Israel. Children learn how to follow after God in their hearts as did King David.


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Lesson 1 - Anotinted For God

This lesson, about David accepting God's offer to become king of Israel, will help the children realize that they must also accept God’s Gift of Heaven and everlasting life in His Kingdom. Bible Verse - John 18:36; Bible Story - The Anointing of David; Alternate Bible Story - 1 Samuel 16-1-13.

Lesson 2 - The Giant Killer

Through the familiar story of David and Goliath, the children learn that God is more powerful than even our most fearful enemies. When we believe in Him, and call upon His name, the power of God is there to give us faith and courage. Bible Verse - Psalm 147:5a; Bible Story - 1 Samuel 17:20-50.

Lesson 3 - David's Best Friend

In this lesson, children learn about David and his best friend Jonathan. They will also discover how friends are a blessing from God and that Jesus wants to be our best friend. Bible Verse - Proverbs 17:17a; Bible Story - David and His Friend Jonathan.

Lesson 4 - Honoring God

David spares Saul's life to show us that even in difficult situations, we should honor God and do what pleases Him. Bible Verse - Romans 14:8a; Bible Story - How David Honors God; Alternate Bible Story - 1 Samuel 24:1-20.

Lesson 5 - Dancing for the Lord 

This lesson shows how King David leaped and danced for joy before the Lord. Children will also learn that although they may not grow up to be kings or queens, whatever jobs they get are blessings from God and deserving of praise. Bible Verse - Psalm 146:2a; Bible Story - 2 Samuel 5:1-5; 6:12-19.

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