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This three lesson series from the book of Joshua teaches children about having strong faith and courage that comes from God. 

Lesson 1 - Joshua Leads Israel

In this lesson, the children learn how the Lord appointed Joshua to be the leader of Israel after the death of Moses. God gave Joshua the big job of leading His people into the promised land. Bible Verse - Joshua 1:9b; Bible Story - Joshua 1:1-11, 16-18.

Lesson 2 - Rahab and the Spies

In this lesson, the children learn about Rahab, a woman of faith who helped protect the spies sent by Joshua to look over the Promised Land. Bible Verse - 1 John 3:18; Bible Story - Joshua 2:1-24.

Lesson 3 - The Fall of Jericho

In this lesson about the battle of Jericho, children learn that even their biggest problems crumble when they put their faith in God. Bible Verse - Psalm 31:14; Bible Story - Joshua 6:1-16,20.

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