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A three week series covering Abraham, also known as the Father of Nations, and his many blessings.


The Heavens Declare (Bulletin Board)

Lesson 1 - God Calls Abraham

In this lesson, the children will learn about Abraham and how God promises many blessings when you are obedient and trust in Him with all of your heart.. Bible Verse - Psalm 40:4; Bible Story - Genesis 12:1-9. 

Lesson 2 - The Birth of Isaac

In this lesson, children discover how God continued to bless Abraham by giving him a son. Children also will learn that God’s promises do not always come immediately. Sometimes we must be patient and wait to enjoy His blessings. Bible Verse - Proverbs 3:5a; Bible Story - Isaac the Promised Son.

Lesson 3 - Jacob, the Heel Grabber

God's promise is mentioned again to Jacob, confirming that the covenant God made to Abraham will stretch for many generations up to the present. In this lesson, children learn that God always keeps His promises and so should we. Bible Verse - Genesis 28:15a; Bible Story - Genesis25:21-28.

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