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This four lesson series on the book of Ruth shows how God cares for those who put their faith in Him.


Basketful of Joy (Bulletin Board)

Lesson 1 - Ruth Follows God

In this lesson, the children will discover that they belong to God. They also learn that they can choose whether to follow Him in faith. Bible Verse - Psalm 118:28a; Bible Story - Ruth Follows God; Optional Bible Story - Ruth 1:1-22.

Lesson 2 - Ruth Works for God

In this lesson, children discover how God shows kindness and provides for them in many ways. They will also learn that working to please God is better than working only to please people. Bible Verse - Colossians 3:23; Bible Story - Ruth 2:2-8, 17-21.

Lesson 3 - Ruth Follows Directions

From this lesson about Ruth and the kindness she received from Boaz, children learn the importance of listening and following directions given by God and parents. Bible Verse - Proverbs 1:8; Bible Story - Ruth 3:1-8, 12-16.

Lesson 4 - Ruth Finds New Life

In this lesson, children see how Ruth received new life when Boaz redeemed her. They will also learn that Jesus is our redeemer. He paid the price for our sins, so we can be part of God's family. Bible Verse - Proverbs 8:35; Bible Story - Ruth 4:1-10, 13-15.

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