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Talking with God - Intercession: prayer to God on behalf of another person (See also quiet time)

"If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." Matthew 21:22


Answers Without Speaking

God answers our prayers without speaking. Can we communicate with each other without speaking?

Biblical Tapestries

Help your lesson or story come alive with a beautiful wall tapestry.

Heart of the Matter

This activity helps children focus on connecting with Godís heart.

How Would I React?

When something goes well, how do you feel? Who do you tell? What do you say to God? How about when something goes wrong?

Human Robot

When we pray, God does not want us to be like human robots.

My Prayer of Faith

Children learn about the "Prayer of Faith," and then develop their own prayer for the appropriate time.

Philippians Prayer

The children will use Godís Word to pray and encourage each other in a group.

Prayer Chain

Kids have fun exchanging Dog Tags and praying for others.

Purpose of Prayer

Children learn the importance of communicating with God on a regular basis.

The Cost of Serving

Children identify with John the Baptist, the disciples, and many others who gave up everything to serve Christ.

What Can I Hear?

An activity to show that we hear many things with our ears, but we can also hear the voice of God when we listen with our hearts.

Why Do We Praise God?

God is awesome and worthy of our praise for many reasons. Kids can match these reasons with pictures of similar objects.

Bulletin Boards

I Can Pray to God

This bulletin board will remind the kids that they pray to God wherever they are, at home, in school, at church and even while playing. Use this bulletin board for lessons on prayer, worship, or walking with God.


The Lord's Prayer

(Certificate of Achievement) Give this attractive certificate to recognize your students for memorizing the Lord's Prayer.


Jesus Pillow

As children drift off to sleep, they think about Jesus. Then in the morning, they thank Him for a new day.

My Prayer Book

The children will create a book to help them remember to pray.

My Prayer Card

A craft that will help children remember to pray for specific needs.


Battle For a Soul

This game shows the importance of prayer and fasting to prepare for the battle of winning souls for Christ.

Finding God's Will

Through a simple game, children find the importance of finding God's Will for their lives.

Listen Carefully

Can you recognize the voice of God? A fun game to see how well you can listen for the master's voice and know the Will of God.


Becoming a Pray-er

After completing this lesson, the children will know how they should pray, when they should pray, and why it is important to include prayer as a regular part of their daily living.

Daniel - Great Man of Prayer

After completing this lesson, the children will learn that we should honor God above everything else. God will protect us when we trust and obey Him.

God Answers Prayers

Children learn that God typically answers the prayers of our hearts in one of three ways: yes, no, or wait.

God's Partner

In this lesson, the children will discover that Nehemiah put the needs of his people and the need to serve God over his own interests and comfortable lifestyle.

How Do We Fight for the One?

In this lesson, children learn that we fight in a spiritual war when it comes to sharing the Word of God. We can prepare for this battle through prayer and fasting.

Obey and Grow

Our faith grows as we serve the Lord.


A three lesson series about communicating with God through the power of prayer.

The Cup of God's Wrath

After completing this lesson, the children will be challenged to live sacrificially by demonstrating Jesus' love to those around them.

The Great Catch

Through this lesson children learn that we can accomplish so much more in life when we include God in everything we do. The Holy Spirit, prayer, and Bible reading empower both our physical and spiritual lives.

Object Talks

Be Grateful

Prayers must be sincere and heartfelt or they are little more than wasted breath.


Using the proper tools empowers us both physically and spiritually.

Listening For God

Distractions in our busy days can make it harder to hear God's quiet voice.

Power of Prayer

When God is with us, who can be against us?

The Long and Short of It

How long is your power cord? Do you have what it takes to tap into God's power?

What Can I Hear?

If we listen carefully we can hear God's small still voice in a big way.


Prayers Like Incense

Our prayers rise up to God in Heaven, like the fragrant smoke of incense rises upwards (Psalm 141:2). Children see how God is pleased when our prayers include adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication.


Hannah Dedicates Samuel to the Lord

(Cross-out) Children cross out words that are the names of planets, colors of the rainbow, and names of animals to reveal why Hannah dedicated her son Samuel to the Lord.

Puzzled Over Jealousy

(Word Search) After completing this word search, the children will not be puzzled as to why God's jealousy is holy and just while theirs is not.

The Power of Prayer

(Cryptogram) Children decode the verse to find out what happens when they pray.

What Can You See?

Find out if the kids can see the name of Jesus and a picture of Him when they close their eyes with these optical puzzles. Also a great object lesson to introduce prayer and quiet time.


Depend on God

Part 2: Sofia has a hard time being humble and must turn to God for help. (A skit for three)

Let the Prayers Begin

As Christians, we must choose to pray, knowing that our Father in heaven hears our prayers.

Spreading the Truth

It is up to God's people to go out and share the Gospel of Christ. This skit shows how prayer and fasting help us prepare to fight in this spiritual battle against Truth. (Skit for up to nine.)

Tabitha Comes Back To Life

Children act out the story of the Bible character, Tabitha.