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Things learned from study or experience (See also wisdom)

"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline." Proverbs 1:7


History Mystery - Old Testament

Children will place events in chronological order based on when they occurred in the Bible.

Teach Me!

The children will practice teaching their peers a learned skill.

The Mind of Christ

The children will choose words that reflect having the mind of Christ.


Teaching Necklace

Children create ornaments to hang around their necks to remind them of Proverbs 1:8-9.

Teachings to Remember

This Motherís Day craft teaches children to honor their parents and obey God.


Battle of Knowledge

A review game of wits, skill and good aim.

Who Am I?

Children race against time and other teams to correctly decipher who I am.


Spiritual Growth

Through this lesson, children learn that God's divine power provides them with everything they need to live godly lives; thus, they escape the corruption evil desires cause in the world.

The Law Matters

Obeying Godís law is part of justification.

Object Talks

Biblical Addresses

It is easy to find scripture verses once you know their Biblical addresses.

Open Book

Like an open book, God knows everything about our whole lives, from beginning to end and everything in between.

What Do You See?

There is no end to the treasures that can be found in the Bible, God will always provide new insights when we have the right attitude.


How to Live a Godly Life

(Cross-out) Children cross out words that are the names of animals, colors, and numbers to reveal the encouraging message of 2 Peter 1:3


How Do You Love Game Show

The students will enjoy participating in a silly skit that demonstrates the need to show love and dedication through your heart and actionsónot just through words and study. (Four or more actors.)


A Very Wise King

A legend retold about the wisest king there ever was.