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Skills or Talents given by God (See also Spiritual Gifts and Talents)

"There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit" (1 Corrinthians 12:4)


Thinking BIG with God

The children will learn how God uses each person in unique ways for His purpose.

What is Jealousy?

Our jealousy is wrong, but Godís jealousy is holy and just.


Finding God's Will

Through a simple game, children find the importance of finding God's Will for their lives.


A King is Appointed

In this lesson children will see how God can direct the events in our lives to guide us towards what He has called us to accomplish. It is up to us to be obedient, follow the direction God provides and use the abilities that He has given us.

Object Talks

Now Is the Time

Things this side of Heaven only last so long, including us.

Pages of My Life

It's the quality that counts, not the quantity.