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Below are Sunday school resources and ideas we added during the past twelve months.

The Lord is My Shepherd - Created 3/28/2015 (Lessons/Preschool)

This lesson teaches children that Jesus is their shepherd and will guide them through good times and bad all the days of their lives.

Righteous Path - Created 3/27/2015 (Activities/Preschool)

The children will enjoy a fun activity that demonstrates how the Holy Spirit leads us on a path of righteousness.

Psalm 23 Train Station - Created 3/26/2015 (Activities/Preschool)

Children will enjoy taking a journey around the classroom to help remember Psalm 23.

Calm, Peaceful Environment - Created 3/20/2015 (Activities/Preschool)

The children will learn how to create a calm, peaceful environment to rest in the Lord.

Who Is My Master? - Created 3/20/2015 (Activities/Preschool)

Children will have fun connecting the similarities between a pet hearing his owner’s voice to sheep knowing their shepherd’s voice.

A Cheerful Giver - Created 2/19/2015 (Lessons/Preschool)

This lesson teaches children that God cares more about the heart of the giver than than the gift itself.

Giving Stickers - Created 2/19/2015 (Activities/Preschool)

The children will enjoy receiving a sticker to enlighten them of their feelings and expressions when giving and receiving.

Say Cheese! - Created 2/19/2015 (Crafts/Preschool)

Children enjoy creating a camera that helps them understand what it means to be a cheerful giver.

Heart of the Matter - Created 2/17/2015 (Activities/Preschool)

The children will understand that there are many benefits when giving with a cheerful heart.

Draw Your Expression - Created 2/16/2015 (Activities/Preschool)

Children will have fun recognizing their facial expressions as both givers and receivers.

Building the Church - Created 1/31/2015 (Activities/Preschool)

The children will have fun building a church using their bodies.

My Gift Matters - Created 1/31/2015 (Lessons/Preschool)

This lesson illustrates how every gift given to God, no matter how large or small, is very important in building up God's Kingdom.

Made with Love - Created 1/30/2015 (Crafts/Preschool)

Children will enjoy making a card for someone special, while learning that God doesn’t look at the size of the gift but rather the heart of the giver.

Gifts from the Heart - Created 1/29/2015 (Activities/Preschool)

This activity will teach children that God does not care if our gift is large or small, but rather He looks at the heart from which the gift was given.

Share What You Have - Created 1/29/2015 (Activities/Preschool)

Children share what they have to complete a project for the greater good.

David and Goliath - Created 1/23/2015 (Coloring Pages/Preschool)

David battles the giant Goliath.

Jesus and the Centurion - Created 1/23/2015 (Coloring Pages/Preschool)

The centurion asks Jesus to heal his servant.

Jesus and the Ten Lepers - Created 1/23/2015 (Coloring Pages/Preschool)

Only one of the ten lepers returns to thank Jesus.

Jesus Heals the Blind - Created 1/23/2015 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

In this lesson, the children will see that everything and everyone has a purpose in bringing glory to God. They will discover how Jesus’ miracles bring glory to God as well.

For A Purpose - Created 1/22/2015 (Activities/Gradeschool)

The children will make a visual aid to help them remember that God creates everyone and everything for a purpose, which is to bring Him glory.

Muddy Miracle - Created 1/20/2015 (Games/Gradeschool)

Children have fun playing a different version of Pin The Tail On The Donkey, which helps them remember the account of Jesus healing a blind man.

Born As You Are - Created 1/19/2015 (Activities/Gradeschool)

Students will learn that God's Strength and Glory are displayed through our weaknesses.

How to Live a Godly Life - Created 1/13/2015 (Puzzles/Gradeschool)

(Cross-out) Children cross out words that are the names of animals, colors, and numbers to reveal the encouraging message of 2 Peter 1:3

Spiritual Growth - Created 1/13/2015 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

Through this lesson, children learn that God's divine power provides them with everything they need to live godly lives; thus, they escape the corruption evil desires cause in the world.

Strong Foundation - Created 1/13/2015 (Activities/Gradeschool)

God's Word gives us a strong foundation to defeat all foes.

Christian Suffering - Created 1/9/2015 (Puzzles/Gradeschool)

(Word Search) Children search for words related to Christian suffering and victory through Jesus Christ.

Suffering for Being A Christian - Created 1/9/2015 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

Through this lesson, children will learn that if they suffer for being a Christian, they are not to be ashamed, but rather rejoice that they bear the name.

Somber Living - Created 1/6/2015 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

Through this lesson, children will learn how God wants us to interact with fellow believers, as the end draws near.

Different Rooms - Created 1/5/2015 (Activities/Gradeschool)

Everyone is called to serve within the Church using whatever gifts we have, "For we are God's fellow workers." 1 Corinthians 3:9a

Storms of Life - Created 12/19/2014 (Crafts/Gradeschool)

The children will create a visual aid to help them remember that Jesus can calm the storms in their lives.

Jesus Calms the Storm - Created 12/17/2014 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

In this lesson, the children will see how Jesus has authority over all things. Nothing is impossible with Him.

Can You Control It? - Created 12/16/2014 (Activities/Gradeschool)

The children learn to ask the Lord to intervene on their behalf when they are facing turbulent times.

Citizen of Heaven - Created 11/26/2014 (Activities/Gradeschool)

An insightful activity that teaches children an important Spiritual Truth.

Strangers in the World - Created 11/26/2014 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

Through this lesson, children will learn that God does not want us to be influenced by the world, but rather we are here to live lives that will make a difference for the glory of God.

Standout - Created 11/25/2014 (Activities/Gradeschool)

Through these exercises, children learn the importance of living according to God's standards, even if it means that we will live like foreigners in this world.

Jesus Heals Ten Lepers - Created 10/30/2014 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

God’s healing power is demonstrated throughout this lesson. Additionally, children learn the importance of praising Him with a thankful heart.

Give Praise Where Praise Is Due - Created 10/29/2014 (Activities/Gradeschool)

The children will learn the reverence in giving God praise and thanks.

One Out of Ten - Created 10/28/2014 (Skits/Gradeschool)

This skit teaches children to exercise their faith and give praise to the Lord. (Skit for two or eleven.)

Faith of the Centurion - Created 10/15/2014 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

Through an event that takes place in the New Testament, children will learn what it means to have faith in Jesus, and they will see how the Power of God works in the lives of those who believe in Him.

Power of the Tongue - Created 10/14/2014 (Activities/Gradeschool)

Through this activity, children will learn the power behind Jesus' words and their own words.

Can We Believe What We Cannot See? - Created 10/9/2014 (Activities/Gradeschool)

This activity demonstrates what faith is and how to increase it.

The Great Catch - Created 10/7/2014 (Lessons/Preschool)

In today's lesson, children learn that we can accomplish so much more in life when we trust God and include Him in everything that we do.

The Great Catch (Younger Children) - Created 10/6/2014 (Coloring Pages/Preschool)

Fishing on their own strength, the fishermen came up empty handed; nevertheless, the harvest Jesus provided was so great that it began to sink the boats. (Luke 5:1-11)

Sink the Boat - Created 10/4/2014 (Activities/Preschool)

The children will enjoy a fun activity that demonstrates how vast the fishermen’s catch was with Jesus’ help.

Catch It If You Can - Created 10/2/2014 (Activities/Preschool)

This activity will teach children how hard tasks become easier when we listen to God's instructions.

Judging Others - Created 9/16/2014 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

This lesson teaches children that we all need forgiveness and that we should not have a fault-finding attitude toward others.

Cover to Cover - Created 9/15/2014 (Activities/Gradeschool)

Children will enjoy an activity that demonstrates the importance of getting to know someone and the error with faultfinding.

Crummy Teeth - Created 8/27/2014 (Skits/Gradeschool)

This skit teaches children that we all need forgiveness and that we should not have a fault-finding attitude toward others. (Skit for three.)

Given to the Lord - Created 7/30/2014 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

Children learn the importance of giving themselves to the Lord at an early age, and dedicating their lives to honoring God in everything that they do.

Dedicating Yourself to the Lord - Created 7/29/2014 (Skits/Gradeschool)

Mini skits about dedicating your desires, actions, and thoughts to the Lord.

Hannah Dedicates Samuel to the Lord - Created 7/28/2014 (Puzzles/Gradeschool)

(Cross-out) Children cross out words that are the names of planets, colors of the rainbow, and names of animals to reveal why Hannah dedicated her son Samuel to the Lord.

Dedication Necklace - Created 7/16/2014 (Crafts/Gradeschool)

Kids create a colorful necklace as a reminder to dedicate their whole lives to Jesus.

Judging Others - Created 7/16/2014 (Lessons/Preschool)

This lesson teaches children that we all need forgiveness and that we should not have a fault-finding attitude toward others.

What Makes You, You? - Created 7/15/2014 (Crafts/Preschool)

A simple craft teaches children to focus on their differences and accept God’s handiwork.

Finger-Pointing - Created 7/5/2014 (Object Talks/Preschool)

A simple object talk teaches children that finger-pointing is an act of judging.

What Is Inside? - Created 7/2/2014 (Activities/Preschool)

The children will enjoy a fun activity that teaches the importance of getting to know someone before passing judgment.

Book Fair - Created 7/1/2014 (Object Talks/Preschool)

This object talk will teach children not to judge a book by its cover while relating it to how we judge each other.

A Living Hope - Created 6/23/2014 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

Through this lesson, children learn that God uses the trials and hardships in our lives to refine our faith and provide opportunities for us to be a witness to others.

What Encourages You? - Created 6/18/2014 (Activities/Gradeschool)

Children reflect on things they look forward to while learning that their greatest encouragement comes from Jesus.

Love for Enemies - Created 6/17/2014 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

In this lesson, children will see the love that God has for all His people, and how we should show that same kind of love and kindness—even towards our enemies.

Fill Them with God's Kindness - Created 6/15/2014 (Object Talks/Gradeschool)

A demonstration to show what can happen when we display God's kindness, mercy, and love without favoritism.

Resisting Fleshly Desires - Created 6/13/2014 (Activities/Gradeschool)

Children explore the difference between giving into their fleshly desires and acting out of love with mercy and humility.

Letters of Encouragement - Created 6/12/2014 (Activities/Gradeschool)

Children find joy in encouraging others.

Love for Enemies - Created 6/4/2014 (Lessons/Preschool)

This lesson reveals God’s heart for all people. Children will see why and how we are to love everyone, even our enemies.

Who's In or Out? - Created 6/4/2014 (Activities/Gradeschool)

This activity will create a visual picture of what is in our heart. It will allow God to reveal to us His love for all people.

Move On Down the Line - Created 6/3/2014 (Activities/Preschool)

Children will practice giving without expectations of receiving something in return.

Pray for Your Enemies - Created 6/2/2014 (Crafts/Preschool)

Children will enjoy this craft as they learn to love and pray for their enemies.

Go the Extra Mile - Created 5/27/2014 (Activities/Preschool)

Children will practice going the extra mile to show love to their enemies.

I Want that One - Created 5/27/2014 (Activities/Preschool)

(Coloring Activity) As followers of Jesus, we should not have favorites, but love everyone.

Making Promises - Created 5/12/2014 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

After completing this lesson, the children will learn the importance of keeping their promises.

Stained Reputation - Created 5/9/2014 (Skits/Gradeschool)

This skit will show children how lying can stain their reputation. (A skit for four)

Tell Me No More Lies - Created 5/8/2014 (Activities/Gradeschool)

In this activity, children will feel the freedom to give their sin to Jesus and turn from their old ways.

Broken Promises - Created 5/7/2014 (Activities/Gradeschool)

This activity shows the children a visual effect of broken promises.

Damaged Verses Undamaged - Created 5/6/2014 (Object Talks/Preschool)

A godly reputation is only as good as the promises we keep. When we break our promises, we become damaged and untrustworthy.

Making Promises - Created 5/6/2014 (Lessons/Preschool)

This lesson will help children understand the value in keeping promises. They will also learn that to have a godly reputation, they must always tell the truth.

Jesus Cleansing the Temple - Created 5/5/2014 (Coloring Pages/Preschool)

Jesus drives the money changers out of the temple.

Jesus Praying in the Garden - Created 5/5/2014 (Coloring Pages/Preschool)

Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Second Coming of Jesus - Created 5/5/2014 (Coloring Pages/Preschool)

Jesus promised that He would return one day very soon.

Woman at the Well - Created 5/1/2014 (Coloring Pages/Preschool)

Jesus talks with a Samaritan woman at the well.

The Resurrection - Created 4/28/2014 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

In this lesson, the children learn that the Christian faith is centered on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Children also discover that God gives believers victory over death and sin through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Reputations - Created 4/26/2014 (Object Talks/Preschool)

Children identify the difference between developing godly and ungodly reputations.

Yes or No? - Created 4/25/2014 (Activities/Preschool)

(Coloring Activity) Children learn the principle of saying yes or no, and what it means to keep their word.

Unbreakable or Breakable? - Created 4/24/2014 (Object Talks/Preschool)

As followers of Jesus, we should never break our promises.

2014-2015 Curriculum Schedule - Created 4/17/2014 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

Grade school lesson curriculum schedule for 2014 and 2015 Sunday School

2014-2015 Curriculum Schedule - Created 4/17/2014 (Lessons/Preschool)

Preschool lesson curriculum schedule for 2014-2015 Sunday School

Who is the Greatest? - Created 4/9/2014 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

After completing this lesson, the children will understand that God honors those who are humble.

Serve Like Jesus - Created 4/8/2014 (Activities/Gradeschool)

This activity will help children remember to serve others in humility, just as Jesus did.

Attributes of God - Created 4/3/2014 (Puzzles/Gradeschool)

(Word Scramble) Kids unscramble words that describe some of God’s attributes.

In Awe of God - Created 4/3/2014 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

Through this lesson, children learn that we can take comfort in knowing that God is in control.

Pick Your Order - Created 4/2/2014 (Games/Gradeschool)

In this game, children learn how easy it is to put themselves first and learn the importance of humility.

The Dancing King - Created 4/1/2014 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

This lesson shows how King David displayed his joy and gratitude as he brought the Ark of God back to Jerusalem. His example teaches us that we should be unashamed in expressing praise to our Lord in everything we do.

What Am I Doing? - Created 3/31/2014 (Games/Gradeschool)

Children use actions and descriptions to get their teammates to guess what they are doing.

Who is the Greatest? - Created 3/31/2014 (Activities/Gradeschool)

In this activity, children will think about who God considers the greatest.

Windy Words - Created 3/31/2014 (Lessons/Gradeschool)

Through the example of Job's friends, children learn how to comfort others.