Picture Perfect Verses

An interactive activity that helps children memorize simple Bible verses. 


Memory/Review, Word of God


A short and simple Bible verse Several sheets of construction paper Pictures that are relative to the verse


Approximately 7 minutes

verse cards 


Before class obtain pictures related to the verse the class will be memorizing. Glue each picture to a separate sheet of construction paper. Write the word or words the picture represents in big block letters under the picture.


Explain to the kids that God loves us to read and remember His Bible verses.

Start to recite the verse and hold up the first picture that goes along with that word or portion of the verse. Display the second picture as you continue with the next word or part of the verse. Be sure to show the children the word under each picture and repeat it slowly to them.

Keep the Bible verses small and don't have more than four or five pictures. Recite the verse several times. Explain what the verse means.