Being in Heaven

In this activity, children choose some of the things they would like to be able to do in Heaven. 


Heaven, Kingdom of God


Activity Page for each child [PDF] Click here
Pencils or markers


Approximately 10 minutes

heavens gates 


Before class, print out a copy of the activity page for each child in class.


Hand out the activity page and markers, and have the children circle the pictures of people doing things that they would like to be able to do in Heaven. They can also put an "X" over the things they would not like to do. The purpose is to get the children thinking about what it would be like to be in Heaven.

After the children are finished with their activity page, gather them around to talk further about Heaven.


Nobody knows exactly what Heaven will be like, or what we will be able to do in Heaven. However, we do know that we will be with Jesus, and so we will be filled with joy. Heaven is not a scary place. It is not a place where we will go hungry or be sad. We can imagine that some of the things we really enjoy doing on earth we will also be able to do in Heaven.

Ask each child the following questions:

1. What would you like to do in Heaven?
2. How do you think Heaven will be different from living on earth?