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This lesson series teaches children about several attributes of God.

Lesson 1 - God is Holy

This lesson will identify Godís holiness as His most prevalent attribute. Children will learn that all of Godís additional attributes exist through and because of His holiness.
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Lesson 2 - God is Loving

This lesson will help children understand why God loves us and how He displays His love.
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Lesson 3 - God is Good

After completing this lesson, the children will learn that God always has been and always will be infinitely good. Children will also learn that any of the good they have comes from God.
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Lesson 4 - God is Jealous

This lesson will explain the difference between Godís jealousy and human jealousy. The children will understand why jealousy is one of Godís attributes and one of humanityís defects.
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Lesson 5 - God is to be Feared

After completing this lesson, the children will better understand the use of the word fear in the Bible as it relates to respecting and honoring God. God doesn't want us to be terrified of Him, but we should respect and honor Him.
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Lesson 6 - God is Just

As a result of studying about Godís fair and just nature, children will understand why it is important to confess their sins to God and ask for His forgiveness on a regular basis.
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Lesson 7 - God is Merciful

This lesson will teach children about Godís mercy and why we should be merciful to others.
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