What's Inside?

Children discover what pure goodness is.


Character of God, Purity


Three chocolate candies:
  1. Solid milk chocolate candy bar
  2. Chocolate covered candy bar 
  3. Hollow chocolate
Knife, plate


Approximately 5 minutes

chocolate bar


You will have three volunteers come forward. The first will cut the solid milk chocolate bar several times to see what is inside. The second will cut open the chocolate covered candy bar, and the third will cut open the hollow chocolate candy. 


(Have a volunteer come forward and cut open the solid milk chocolate bar.) This chocolate is pure solid chocolate all the way through like God is pure goodness all the way through.

(Have another volunteer come forward and cut the chocolate covered candy bar.) This chocolate covered candy bar is kind of like us. We have some of the chocolate goodness on us, but we are no where near pure goodness.

(Have a third volunteer come forward and cut the hollow chocolate candy.) This is not solid and pure goodness like God is pure goodness. Many people may look good on the outside but be hollow when it really counts.

(Cut up candy bars on a plate and have a volunteer take the chocolate pieces around to share with classmates.)

Suggestion by Melanie Rushing:

After the talk, give the children 2 miniature chocolate bars and two notes. Tell the kids to give a chocolate bar and a note to two separate adults whom they believed to be pure through and through. The note should explain why the child gave the chocolate bar to the adult. It also encourages receiver to question themselves about their own spiritual purity to be sure that what that child believes is true. It can be a humbling experience for many.