Soak it In

Someone with a soft heart will soak up the Word of God. On the other hand, the Word of God rolls right off someone with a hardened heart.


Believing, Hardened Heart, Wisdom, Word of God


1 medium size rock
1 bowl to hold rock
Small sponge
Squirt gun filled with water
(a small cup of water may be used)


Approximately 5 minutes



Compare how the Word of God, represented by the water, will not affect someone with a hardened heart, represented by the rock, but will affect someone with the right heart, represented by the sponge. If you want to add more impact to the lesson, you can cut the sponge into the shape of a heart. Begin the lesson by first placing the rock in the bowl.


Do you see this hard rock? This rock represents the heart of someone with a hard heart. The water in this squirt gun represents the Word of God. (Squirt the rock with the squirt gun several times.) When we try to explain the Word of God to someone with a hard heart, it will not soak in. It just rolls off.

Do you see this sponge? This sponge represents someone with a soft and open heart. (Squirt the sponge with the squirt gun several times.) When we explain the Word of God to a person with a soft and open heart, he or she will soak the information in.